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List window

List window

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List window

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Double-clicking a database symbol opens a list window. You can also click and hit Enter.




The list window has a number of tabs at the top which take you to the different indexes for the games of the database.




The "Games" tab produces the games list with all entries in the order in which they are physically stored in the database. You can scroll up and down the list, filter or sort it.


The other indexes are all described in their own sections:


    Default Text

    Players index

    Tournament index


    Source index


    Openings key

    Theme keys for tactics, strategy, endgames and general themes.


Note: Theme keys are only available optionally. Searching for similar endgames or similar structures is more precise and delivers much more exact results.



The Ribbons




The Ribbons at the top of the list window offers direct access to frequently used functions. If you move the mouse onto a button, after a second or two a description of the function appears. For example:


    Copy selected games, i.e. mark them for copying

    Paste games which were marked for copying

    Filter games, i.e. use the search mask to list specific games

    Edit the game data of the selected game

    Compress a database into a single file for backup purposes

    Generate tournament table

    Show statistics for selected games


In the Menu File you find a selection of databases recently opened.


Recent Databases from the Application Menu


Open the list and switch to one of your recent databases quickly from here.