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Search mask

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Search mask

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The search mask is used to retrieve games that match some specific criteria. It is a filter that allows games which fit the criteria to pass and appear in the list, while others are held back.


There are two different applications of the search mask. One applies to a games list and the other to one or more databases in the database window. Both searches can be started with Ctrl-F.


This produces a search mask with a number of tabs.


Tabs Search Mask



DO-IT   Game data

Search for players, tournaments, years, results, etc.


DO-IT   Annotations

Search for different types of commentary contained in games.


DO-IT   Position

Search for positional fragments, themes and sacrifices.


DO-IT   Material

Seach for material distribution and balance.


DO-IT   Manoeuvres

Search for manoeuvres.


DO-IT   Medals

Search for medals.


All of these sections are connected with a logical "and". This means that if a number of criteria are defined all of them must be fulfilled in order for a game to be retrieved. When there are definitions present in any section a check box at the bottom of the search mask is switched on. You can unclick it to switch off that section.


More Options


Include lines in search

Causes ChessBase to search not just in the main lines but also in the analysis contained in the games.



Clears all sections of the search mask completely.


Calling up the search mask

Database window: Click Ribbon Harddisk - Search games in – Reference database.

Database window: Rightclick - a database symbol, Search.

List window: Edit – Filter games.

List window: Right-click list, Edit – Filter games.

Board window: Rightclick Chess board – Find position in reference database.

Board window: Rightclick Chess board - Edit – Find position in (selected database).