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Search mask – Annotations

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Search mask – Annotations

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Search mask, Annotations.


Search Annotations


DO-IT   Text1, Text2

You can enter two text strings, and ChessBase will retrieve all games in which either is contained. All variations and all languages are considered. “Whole word” will retrieve only games in which the word stands alone, i.e. “dramatic” will not find “dramatically”.


Please note: If you only enter a blank character as Text1 ChessBase will retrieve all games that contain a lot of text commentary.


DO-IT   Symbols

Enter commentary symbols like “!!”, “??”, “+–”, etc. and ChessBase will find all games that contain these symbols. There are special keyboard shortcuts for entering commentary symbols.

Chess training: You can use this function to search for games with “!!”. Set Training notation and move the cursor down the list in the search result window. Each game is displayed with the position before the brilliancy on the board. Try to find the brilliant move.


DO-IT   Deleted

Search for games marked for deletion.


DO-IT   Position

Search for games which start from an entered position.


DO-IT   Other criteria

You can search for other criteria such as games which have coloured squares and arrows ("Colours"), training positions, multimedia elements, graphics commentary for pawn structure, piece paths, critical positions, games with variations, games with any text commentary and games with any commentary symbols.