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Board window: Insert – Variations.


Edit Variations


A variation is an alternative to the next text move. Basically you take back a move and enter another one instead. In the game notation the variation is given in brackets and indented.


A variation can be started by simply entering an alternative move, which automatically produces a variation window. You can also use the annotation palette or the actions available in the Insert – Variations menu:


DO-IT   Enter variation

Takes back the current move and allows you to add an alternate line (equivalent to pressing "T").


DO-IT   End variation

Ends the variation and jumps to the main line, so you can continue entering the moves of the main line.


DO-IT   Delete variations

Removes the current variation and all subvariations from the game. Ctrl-Z will undo.


DO-IT   Promote variation

The current variation is promoted to the next-higher level, and the variation there becomes the subvariation. Ctrl-Z will undo this action.


DO-IT   Exchange moves

The moves of the variation replace moves in the game. Naturally all the rest of the moves must be legal, otherwise they are cut off.


DO-IT   Insert into game

Allows you to insert a number of moves into the game notation (see correcting moves).


DO-IT   Reorder variations

The variations will be reorganized on the basis of chess criteria. The most important continuations become the main variations, i.e. all lines that have a large number of subvariations will be promoted at all levels to main variations.


do-it1   Cleanup variations

This function merges variations from different parts of the game which go from the same position.