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Annotation palette

Annotation palette

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Annotation palette

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Board window: Insert (Ctrl-Alt-S)





There is a special annotation palette that helps you insert chess commentary symbols with a single click.


Symbol palette



DO-IT    The first line contains move evaluations (good move, blunder, etc.) that appear after a move.

DO-IT    The next two lines are mainly position evaluations (White is better, unclear). They also appear after a move.

DO-IT    The symbols in the fourth line (better is, with the idea, etc.) are automatically inserted before the move.

DO-IT    "None" removes any symbols attached to the current move.


When you move the mouse cursor onto a symbol its meaning is displayed.


DO-IT   Text before move / after move

Use this to enter text commentary in front of or behind the current move.

DO-IT   Start variation

Takes back the current move and allows you to add an alternate line (equivalent to pressing "T").

DO-IT   Promote variation

The current variation is promoted to the next-higher level, and the variation there becomes the subvariation. Ctrl-Z will undo this action.

DO-IT   Delete variations

Removes the current variation and all subvariations from the game. Ctrl-Z will undo.

DO-IT   End variation

Ends the variation and jumps to the main line, so you can continue entering the moves of the main line.