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Search mask – Game data

Search mask – Game data

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Search mask – Game data

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Search mask, Game data.


Game data


DO-IT   Search for players (White/Black)

All games of Kasparov:

    Type in White: "kasparov" or "kasp", leave Ignore colors on.

White games by Kasparov:

    Type in "kasparov" or "kasp", switch Ignore colors off

All games between Kasparov and Kramnik:

          White = "kasparov", Black = "kramnik", switch Ignore colors on.

White games of Kasparov against Kramnik:

    White = "kasparov", Black = "kramnik", switch Ignore colors off.


You can use wildcards in the search, e.g. “H*bner” to retrieve both Hübner and Huebner, or “?ussup” if you are uncertain whether it is Yussupov, Jussupov or Jussupow.


DO-IT   Tournament

The search for tournaments and annotators is similar to the search for players. Here too, the search is case sensitive. If the tournament data contains the search string not in the title but in the place, the games will still be retrieved.


DO-IT   Elo

When you search for the games of players within a certain Elo range (e.g. “2600 – 2875”) you can also determine whether the average rating of both players, that of at least one player or the individual ratings of both players must lie within the given range.


DO-IT   Year

You get games from a particular year or period (e.g. “1997” – “2000”).



This allows you to search for games from a specific ECO code – in conjunction with other criteria, for instance all D20 games played by Vishy Anand.


DO-IT    Moves

You can specify the minimum and maximum lengths of the games you wish to retrieve. This is usually combined with other criteria, e.g. all white games of a certain player that are less than 25 moves long, all short wins or draws.


DO-IT   Any Text

Find this text in any of the game data field, including tournament details, teams, etc.


DO-IT   Result

Click on any of the checkboxes to search for white wins, black wins, draws, games without result, mates, stalemates and games that ended with a check.


DO-IT   Mate, Stalemate, Check

All games in which the final position was mate (or there was a forced mate ahead); all games which ended in stalemate or with a check.

Chess training: Do a mate search on the latest issue of ChessBase Magazine or TWIC. In the search result window switch the notation to training. Use cursor down to put one game after another onto the screen. ChessBase will always jump to the position just before the forced mate, which you must try to find. In this way you can go through dozens or even hundreds of games in quick succession, sharpening your eye for mating positions.


DO-IT   Text

All database texts.


DO-IT   Good Games

In the dialog for game search Chessbase 10 offers the parameter „Good Games“. Using this parameter the results can be greatly be improved by considering the quality of the games in the list. For instance, this function only considers games in which at least one player has an Elo rating above 2350 or one player had an IM or GM title. This function excludes blitz, rapid and simultaneous games. It also excludes games with less than seven moves and drawn games with less than 20 moves.


DO-IT  Not

Find all games not matching the search criteria for game data.


DO-IT   In Repertoire

All games which contain lines from your openings repertoire (as defined in the repertoire database).


DO-IT  Reset

Remove all data from search mask.