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Search for sacrifices

Search for sacrifices

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Search for sacrifices

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Search mask: Position – Sacrifice


A sacrifice is a sequence of moves in which one side gives up material and then gains an advantage. The ChessBase sacrifice search does a look-ahead in all tactical situations and for this reason takes somewhat longer than the other searches. The algorithms were written by Dr. Christian Donninger, the author of Nimzo.


Simple sacrifice search

In the search mask click the Position tab and switch on the "Sacrifice" checkbox.


Activate Sacrify


All white combinations of David Bronstein

    Open your Big or Mega database by double clicking it.

    Click on the button Filter below the games list to get the search mask.

    Enter the name Bronstein for the family name and David for the first name of the white player.

    Remove the check in the box Ignore colours.

    Choose 1-0 for the result in the Game Data and check the box Sacrifice in the Postion tab.