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Player index

Player index

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Player index

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List window: Click Player tab


The players index is sorted alphabetically.




Type the first letters of a player into Search below the list to find a player.


Right-click a player to get the following menu:


Context Menu


DO-IT   Search White/Black

This gives you only the white or black games of the player.


DO-IT   ID-Card, Dossier

This calls up the ID-Card or generates a Dossier of the player.


DO-IT   Player statistic

This shows statistics of the player's games in the current database (opponents, results, openings).


DO-IT   Edit

This allows you to edit the player's name. If there are a number of entries of the same player with different spellings mark them all with Crtl-click and use Edit to unify them. But be careful: if you include a different player by mistake you will not be able to find him again after you have changed the names.


Most of the above functions are also in the Tools and Edit menus.


See Player preparation by mouse click ....


You can close the games list or tournaments list panes by right-click close. To reopen them, use menu Window -> Panes. You can rearrange the window panes in the usual fashion with the splitter bars.