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Player dossier

Player dossier

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Player dossier

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List window: Player Index– button "Dossier"




or Player encyclopedia – Dossier


Dossier from Player Encyclopedia


This generates a report with the complete personal and chess profile of a player. The report contains biographical data and pictures, statistics on the player’s games, his or her openings, career, results against individual opponents and a selection of spectacular positions for training purposes. Generating the report presupposes that a reference database is defined and ChessBase has access to the player encyclopedia.


See Player preparation by mouse click ....


When you generate a dossier you can set some parameters, mainly to determine how detailed the report will be.


Settings for the Dossier


DO-IT  Repertoire

Select the level of detail for repertoire analysis from coarse (only a few lines, terminating early) to fine (many lines, terminating late). In the report the player’s repertoire with white and black is given, with the best and the worst lines highlighted. You can click each line that is given to retrieve the games.


DO-IT   From year

You can limit the investigation to only the recent games of a player by setting this value.


DO-IT   First name length

This determines how many letters of the first name will be given to uniquely identify players. Using just a few letters (e.g. one) will produce neater columns on low resolution displays.


DO-IT   Max. photographs

This limits the number of photos that will be included – otherwise in the case of celebrities like Kasparov and Anand there may be pages and pages of portraits.


DO-IT   Career highlights

Retrieves the best tournament results of the player and his most spectacular games.


You can save the report into the database, just like any database text, but it is not really necessary to do so. Regenerating it in exactly the same form takes just a minute or two.