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Tournament tables

Tournament tables

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Tournament tables

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Right-click an item in the Player index and select Cross table to get a full table of the current tournament.


Start Crosstable


ChessBase knows the following kinds of tournaments and is able to generate correct tables for them:


Round robins (cross tables)
Individual matches (match tables)
Swiss tournaments (progress tables)
Team championships (list of individual results)
Scheveningen system (double cross tables)
Knockout system (Knockout tree)
Simultaneous exhibition (list of individual results)
Incomplete tournaments (simple ranking list)


If the players encyclopedia is available the flags of the players will be displayed.






Double-clicking a result will load that game.



    With the buttons on the top right you can:


do-it1    browse to the next/previous tournament in the database

do-it1    force a round robin display of an incomplete tournament ("RR");

do-it1    copy the table into the Windows clipboard (ChessBase will ask whether to format it with tabs or spaces);

do-it1    print out the table;

do-it1    generate an HTML table;

do-it1    set the font size.


Sort Table

In Chessbase tournament tables can be sorted by player. This function is called by Sort by Player Name.


Sorting the Table


It is also possible to sort by player name.