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Database text chess links

Database text chess links

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Database text chess links

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Just like a HTML page ChessBase database texts can have links to other texts, pictures, videos, etc. In addition there are a number of chess specific links, such as tournaments, games, keys, players, etc. When a game link is clicked the game is loaded in a separate window for replay.


The links are to be found in the Links menu of the Database text window (you can also right-click in the text editor and select Link). The chess specific links are all to be found in the submenu ChessBase.




DO-IT   Edit – Game (Shift-Ctrl-G)

The game must be loaded in a board window. The link is to the game and the exact position that is currently on the board. If the game is in the same database as the text, then the text will merely contain a reference to it. Note that in this case you cannot simply copy the text to another database. ChessBase will not be able to find the quoted game in the new database and so it will not be loaded. If the game is in a different database the ChessBase will copy the entire game (without commentary) into the text. However, only the reference will be visible.


DO-IT   Edit – Position link (Shift-Ctrl-D)

Inserts a diagram, which you can define in the Enter position mask. If you have loaded a game the position on the board will be automatically be inserted. You can select the diagram size, coordinates and specify whether it should be a full diagram or just a fragment, which you select from the Format dropdown menu. Mark the diagram and press Ctrl-E if you want to center it.


DO-IT   Edit – Cross table (Shift-Ctrl-T)

Click a tournament in the tournament index (you can also click the first game of the tournament in the games list). Switch to the database text and insert the Table link, which will appear as the tournament name. When you click this link a cross-table of the tournament is generated.


DO-IT   Edit – Player (Shift-Ctrl-E)

Enter the player's full name, exactly as it appears in the players encyclopedia. To make sure you get the spelling right you should type in a few letters and then click the "?" button for a list of names from the encyclopedia. Choose the one you want. When you click the player link a picture and the biographical details are loaded from the encyclopedia.


DO-IT   Edit – Text (Shift-Ctrl-X)

You can create a jump to a different text in the same database. A dialog box displays all the texts that are present, and you can select the one to be linked.


DO-IT   Edit – Game list (Shift-Ctrl-L)

This lists the games of a database. You cannot insert a link to the games of a different database.


DO-IT   Edit – Key link (Shift-Ctrl-K)

You can put a reference to an openings or theme index in a database. The key must be opened, but in order to avoid confusion only one key can be active in order for the link to be created.


DO-IT   Edit – Opening book (Shift-Ctrl-B)

This inserts a link to an openings book.


DO-IT   Edit – External gamelist (Shift-Ctrl-F)

This inserts a link to the last opened database. Naturally if you send the database with the text to somebody else you must also include the external database, otherwise the link will not work.


DO-IT   Edit – Search mask (Shift-Ctrl-M)

This allows you to define a search mask and create a link to it in the text. You can enter a name for the link (e.g. "Short wins"). When the link is clicked the search is conducted on the current database.