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Format text

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Format text

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Format options



DO-IT   Language

The language of the database text should be set with the tabs on the top left of the window. Depending on which language is set for the program operation the corresponding language will be automatically loaded.


DO-IT   Format: Header

There are four standard formats: Main header (Ctrl-1), header 2 (Ctrl-2), header 3 (Ctrl-3) or standard text (Ctrl-0). You can also use Define header formats (Ctrl-D) to set the font, colour, alignment and stylefor each of the formats.


DO-IT   Format: Alignment

Use Left align (Ctrl-l), Right align (Shift-Ctrl-R) or Centered (Ctrl-E) to align the marked or following text.


DO-IT   Format: Indent

The left indent is given in points.(each point corresponding to 1/72 Inch)


DO-IT   Format: Style

Use Italic (Ctrl-I), Bold (Ctrl-B) or Underline (Ctrl-U) for the marked or following text.


DO-IT   Format: Font (Ctrl-F), Font size

This allows you to select a font for the marked text. It is advisable to only use standard Windows fonts, otherwise the text may not appear properly on other computer systems where the font is not installed.


DO-IT    Format: Text color (Ctrl-R)

Change color of marked text. You can select a color from the Windows colours palette.


DO-IT   Format: Web Link

Type in the URL of a web site. Clicking the link will start up your Internet browser and connection to the web site given.


DO-IT    Format: Pin note

Mark a text passage and then click Format – Pin note. You will be prompted for a text label, which is inserted in place of the marked text. Clicking the pin note label in the database text makes the original text appear in a separate box. Pin notes help you to make your text neater. You should use them to insert explanations or footnotes to the text.


DO-IT    Format: Text Label

This is a link within a database text. You must enter a text string. When the lable is clicked the program will search for this in the database text and jump to that position. Text labels are very useful for a table of contents at the top of a text, or for jumping to other sections.


DO-IT    Format: Line

Inserts a horizontal line in the text


You can also format text and insert links by marking and then right-clicking it