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Copy games

Copy games

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Copy games

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The simplest way of copying games is to use the “Drag & Drop” function in the database window (i.e. drag one database symbol onto another). When you do so the following dialog appears:


Copy Games Options


The Copy games dialog also appears when you drag games from one list to another or onto a database icon. You can also use the right-click menu in the games list or on a database symbol. Use Edit – Copy to copy the games and Edit – Paste to paste them into a different database.


The Copy games dialog shows you the source and destination databases. The games are copied (appended) to the end of the latter. If you have already copied them, or some of them, you will generally be warned. You also have the following options:


DO-IT   Games

The program offers to copy all games. Naturally you can change the number of the first and last game in order to copy only a selection.


DO-IT   Opening classification

If the destination database has an openings key installed ChessBase will offer to sort the games into the key while they are being copied. You can deactivate this option if for some reason you want the games to remain unclassified.


DO-IT   Theme classification

The same applies to the theme key. If one is present in the destination database ChessBase will classify the games into it while it copies them.


DO-IT   Don't copy single doubles

This option is used to prevent more than one copy of a game from entering the database. It is only available if the destination database has an openings key installed. Naturally the function is very much slower than normal copying, since for each game the program has to check whether it is already present in the database. The speed depends on the quality of the openings key of the destination database.


DO-IT   Always Import Annotations

If you are copying games and instruct ChessBase to skip doubles, you can in addition specify whether annotated games should be copied or not. If you tell ChessBase to “Always Import Annotations” (i.e. games with variations and commentary) then it will copy annotated games even if they are already present in the destination database.


DO-IT   Copy multi media files

This option is normally switched on, audio and picture files are copied as well when copying games (e.g. those from a ChessBase Magazine DVD). If you do want the multimedia files you can switch the option off.


DO-IT   Update Default Book

If the destination database is your reference database and you have installed a default book then it is advisable to have the book updated when you are copying the games.