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Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

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Drag & Drop

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Drag and drop is the action of clicking something – a database symbol, a game or a piece on the chessboard – holding down the mouse key and letting go somewhere else. ChessBase makes extensive use of Drag & Drop:


DO-IT   Copy all games from one database into another

Simply drag the symbol of the database onto the destination database and drop it there.


Drag and Drop


DO-IT   Copy games from the clipboard into a proper database

In the database window drag the clipboard onto the database symbol.


DO-IT   Copy selected games from a games list into a database

Mark the games in the list (Ctrl-click or Shift-cursor keys). Now move the mouse cursor onto one of the marked games and hold down the mouse key. Drag the games onto a database symbol or into another games list.


DO-IT   Merge selected games into the current game notation

Mark the games in the list and drag them into the game notation of the board window. The games will all be inserted as variations of the current game.


DO-IT   Copy a variation from one annotated game into another

Use the function Window – Compare notations (or F8) to make both games visible together on the screen. Grab the first move of the variation by clicking with the mouse and drag it into the notation of the other game. It will be inserted as a variation.


DO-IT   Copy a player or tournament

Copy a player from the player index or a tournament from the tournament index to another database.