ChessBase 12

Output menu in games list

Output menu in games list

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Output menu in games list

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List window: Rightclick – Output




Selected games can be printed, sent by E-mail or published as HTML pages directly in the games list. To do this mark the games and right-click in the games list. You can select games with Ctrl-click or Shift-cursor keys, or use Ctrl-A to select all.


DO-IT   Page setup

This opens a dialog box in which you can set all the print parameters of ChessBase.


DO-IT   Print selection

This brings up a print preview before printing the selected games (click Print to actually start printing).


DO-IT   Print multiple training

Use this to print out training material. ChessBase will produce two sheets, the first containing all the positions of the selected games which have a training commentary, the second with the solutions. You get a print preview.


DO-IT   Email

The selected games are sent as a compressed archive file (CBV) by email. Your default e-mail client is automatically started with an empty email form and with the correct attachment. You can set the default e-mail program in the Windows Control Panel – Internet Options – tab Programs.


DO-IT   Selection To Textfile

Creates a text file of the selected games in different formats.


DO-IT   Publish Games

It is possible to create EBooks with ChessBase. An EBook is an electronic version of a classic book. There are different formats available. Some formats need a reading device, whereas others can be read on a computer with Reader software.


DO-IT   Publish to Web

It is possible to publish one or more games on the Web. This is also possible using Facebook's "Share link".


Board Window - File - Publish to Web


This publishes the game in the current board window to the web.