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Creating EBooks

Creating EBooks

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Creating EBooks

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It is possible to create EBooks with ChessBase. An EBook is an electronic version of a classic book. There are different formats available. Some formats need a reading device, whereas others can be read on a computer with Reader software.


ChessBase exports EBooks only for chess positions and tactics puzzles. At this moment the output of complete chess notation is not considered useful and has not been implemented.


ChessBase exports EBooks in two formats, the open format Epub and the Mobi format that is used by Amazon for publishing EBooks.


The following example shows how to export an EBook:


First we load a database with chess positions. Then we select the positions that are to be exported in the game list.


Right click – Output – Selection to text file starts the following dialog:




Select the EBook tab and the format Epub for the first attempt. It is only possible to export files in this format after installing the external software 7za.exe.


Clicking on the button Internet opens a web page to download this software.




Download the command line version of the program and install the file.




Start the program in ChessBase by clicking the button 7za, which opens a dialog to select the path of the command line interpreter.




After this you can directly export the EBook.





Amazon’s Mobi format is installed in the same way.


Select the format Mobi in the dialog box. Clicking the button Internet opens up Amazon’s download page. Download the program kindlegen.exe and install it on your computer.




Clicking on the button KindleGen opens a dialog to select the path where you installed the program. You can now export positions in the Mobi format.


The Mobi file can now be distributed to be read with Amazon’s free Kindle-Previewer.