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Publishing of Games in the Internet

Publishing of Games in the Internet

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Publishing of Games in the Internet

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ChessBase can export games as HTML. This allows the replaying of games in a web browser. This code can be integrated into web pages.


It is possible to publish one or more games on the Web. This is also possible using Facebook's "Share link".


Board Window - File - Publish to Web





This publishes the game in the current board window to the web.


To publish several games at once you have to do the following:


In the database list select several games. Right click the selection, then select


Context menu


The result looks like this:




The program generates a game notation which can be replayed comfortably in a board. Clicking anywhere in the notation opens the position in the board. If more than one game has been published, the user has a dropdown menu to decide which game he wants to replay.


Select a game



Note: After accessing the website the link is in the Windows clipboard. The link can now be used for announcements on the Web or the publication of games.


This makes it easy for webmasters to present chess related information to their readers. The necessary HTML code can be copied from the Windows clipboard and integrated into the HTML page.