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Opening Reference

Opening Reference

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Opening Reference

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Click the tab Reference in the notation window to get an opening reference to the current position:




The opening reference is based on a fast background search in the Online Database.


Opening Reference


Clicking on the Reference tab in the board window starts the automatic opening reference. In the background the program performs a fast search in the Online Database for the current board position. The information is displayed much faster than in previous versions.


There is useful information in the different columns.


View Columns



This lists all the moves played in this position.



This is the number of games in which the move being displayed was played.



This is the points scored by continuing with this move.


Last Played

When was this continuation most recently played?



The “Hot” column shows the continuations at top level.


Finally there is a list of the best players who used this continuation, the average Elo rating, or which players used this continuation most often.


Tip: Clicking on one of the displayed continuations enters this move on the chess board. By using the arrows you can navigate in the list, playing and undoing moves.


Below the move list there is a summary of the most commonly played lines.




See Parameters for Reference Search ...


This summary gives the following information:


N = Number of games

% = Success rate as a percentage from White’s perspective

The line as played


By using the buttons +/- and the keys +/- you can change the number of lines being displayed. Double clicking on a line carries out the moves up to the move that was clicked on in the notation (fast forwarding).


Main Line shows the moves that were statistically the strongest for both sides.


The game list being displayed lists the games that were played with this continuation. Right clicking on a game and selecting Copy into Notation simplifies commenting the opening of the original game. It is possible to refine the information by sorting the columns and using the filter options.