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Online database

Online database

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Online database

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On the server there is a newly designed online database of unannotated games that is kept updated with new and historic games on a weekly basis. ChessBase (in the activated version) can access this database directly and extract material from there.


There are several ways to access data in the online database.


1.      Click on the Ribbon Online in the database window.
Oninie Database

2.      Board Window - Ribbon Online


In contrast to previous versions of the online database the access is practically without delay, depending on the Internet connection, thanks to inbuilt accelorators and the fast Server. This makes it a powerful tool for a player to prepare himself or to examine tournaments.


Search Online


Just like Google the program interprets what the search text means.


Example: Enter "Kasparov Linares" in the search box.


The program interprets the input correctly and filters the games from the online database that match this search criterion.


Klick "Advanced"


The search criteria are entered in the dialog box.


Example Dialog


There are many practical ways to search. For instance, you can filter all the recent games of a player with White from the online database. By right clicking in the game list you see under the heading Opening Reference a summary of the opening repertoire of the selected player.


In the reference display you can see the most commonly played variations. By pressing the buttons + and – you can change the number of variations displayed.


By double clicking in a line you enter the moves in the board window up to the move you have clicked on (fast forward). Critical Line shows the moves which are statistically the strongest for both sides..


Please note: To prevent server overload the search results from the ChessBase Online database are restricted to 1000 games. If that is the number of games retrieved you should narrow down your search to make sure you are getting all matches.

See also troubleshooting section if you are unable to connect to the ChessBase server.