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Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting

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Trouble shooting

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DO-IT    My position (reference) search does not find all games

Delete and recreate the search booster, it might be defect


DO-IT    I don't have access to the Online database.

Using the Online database presupposes that you have a proper dial-up network connection installed. When you start your Internet browser the connection should be made automatically. If it is not you will have to manually start it before you try to access games from the Online database from within ChessBase.


DO-IT    The E-mail function of ChessBase does not work, and nothing is sent

Your Email program is not registered as your default Email client. Check the settings of your Email client or use the Windows Control Panel – Internet Options - tab Programs. The email program should support Simple MAPI. Netscape 7.1 does not support Simple MAPI.


DO-IT    In the board window the chessboard has letters instead of pieces

The diagram fonts have not been correctly installed. Possibly ChessBase did not get the rights to install fonts in your Windows setup. Try to install the fonts manually. They are all to be found in the directory \Fonts on the ChessBase DVD.


DO-IT    When printing diagrams on an HP printer the white squares are too narrow

Switch to alternate font mapping. In the board window go to File – Print – Page setup – Fonts and change the font settings to "ChessBase Alternate".


DO-IT    When printing diagrams on an HP laserjet IIIP printer, characters appear in stead of figurines.

There are two options in the Printer Setup – Fonts:

1. Print True Type Fonts as Bitmap Soft Fonts and

2. Print True Type as Graphic.


You need to set option 2