ChessBase 12

Notation window

Notation window

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Notation window

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Board window: View – Notation (Ctrl-Alt-N)


Example Notation


In this window you see the game notation with any variations or commentary it may contain. Right-clicking the window opens a menu in which you will find all functions relevant to the game notation.


Context Menu Notation 


DO-IT    You can fold or unfold variations, enter new ones, and promote or delete them. You can enter commentary or mark positions for diagram printing. "Material" displays the material balance at the bottom of the notation window.

DO-IT    You can also set the font type and size of the notation.

DO-IT    Clicking any move in the notation window causes the board to jump to that position. A double-click opens the editor to enter text commentary.




At the top of the notation window you find the following tabs:


    Table notation

    Training notation

    Score Sheet

    Openings Book