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Book window

Book window

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Book window

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Board window: Notation – Openings Book


Menu View - Extra Book Pane


The book window displays the moves and statistics of an openings "tree".


Book display


This is what the book window displays:


DO-IT   N: Number of games. At the top you see the total number of games which led to the current board position. In the column itself you see the number of games in which each move was executed.


DO-IT   %: The percentage score achieved by the move is always given from the point of view of the colour to play. If the number of games is low then the percentage is given in grey because it does not have great statistical significance.


DO-IT   Av: The Elo average of the players who used the move. If only a small percentage of the players had a rating then the number is given in grey.


DO-IT   Perf : The Elo performance of the move is the rating a player would have achieved in a fictitious tournament playing the move in all his games.


DO-IT   Statistics: For any highlighted move the program displays at the bottom the exact number of games that were won, drawn or lost. The bar graphics on the left make it easy to take in the information at a glance. On the right you can see the total number of games in which the move was made, plus the average ratings of the players. (You need to have switched "statistics" on in the properties of the bookwindow in order to see it.)


If you right-click a blank area of the tree window you get a menu in which you can sort the list (you can also click the column headers), search for games that led to the current positions, set the font size, delete the entire book, etc. Properties allows you switch the statistics, the retro move and unplayed transposition display on and off



You can browse around the book using the cursor keys or clicking moves.

Right-clicking a move opens a menu in which it can be annotated.


"Tournament move" determines whether Fritz and other ChessBase programs will consider the move in tournament mode or not.


Forbidden moves are displayed in red.