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Book Window Options

Book Window Options

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Book Window Options

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This configures the book window.


This is the menu Right Click Menu - Properties In the book window.




The format of the position tree can be configured by the user. The dialog for this can be started by right clicking in any empty area of the book window, then clicking Properties.


„Number of Positions“ is the number of unique positions in the book. White and Black are not differentiated. Left-right mirroring is also ignored. Try it by inputting 1.e3 e5 2.e4 .


Unplayed Transpositions“ displays moves which did not occur in the games, but would have led to known positions in the games.


Retro Moves“ displays moves which lead from known positions to the position on the board.


Show Elo numbers“ integrates the strength of the players into the statistical data of the games.


Show next move“ displays in table form the next moves with statistical data for every possible continuation from this position.

See Extended Book Display ...


Result from white side“ means that the result of every move is always displayed from White’s perspective.


Statistics“ displays the win/loss/draw statistics as a graph, with an exact count of the games that were evaluated by Elo.




Retro moves are the moves leading to this position from other positions in the trees. Unplayed transpositions are moves which have not actually been played in the games which were merged into the tree, but which would lead to another known position. Those unplayed moves appear grey. With the checkbox for Show Elo numbers you can toggle the display of the columns Av(erage) and Perf(ormance).


Statistics shows additional statistics at the bottom of the window.