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Printing and Publishing

Printing and Publishing

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Printing and Publishing

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ChessBase prints formatted games, diagrams, game score sheets, and encyclopedic opening tables. You can create text files in different formats like RTF and HTML for further editing in a word processor including embedded diagrams. Finally you can publish games as web pages with Java script.


Printing diagrams

To print diagrams, load a game or enter a position. Call menu File -> Print -> Print Diagram. To print several diagrams one one page, use the Diagram List. You can also embed diagrams into a printed game notation with right-click on the notation -> Insert Diagram.


Printing games

Print a loaded game with menu File -> Print -> Print Game in the board window. ChessBase uses a print preview showing the page layout of the printout. You can cancel this without printing.


From a games list you can print several games in one go. Use Ctrl-mouseclick to select several games, then right-click -> Output -> Print Selection.


Note: To change the order of games for layout purposes, drag & drop them to the desired position in the games list.


Printing repertoires

A heavily annotated opening is called repertoire in ChessBase. Printing a repertoire is different from printing games: Repertoires are layouted like tables in the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (ECO).


Creating textfiles

You can create a textfile from a loaded game or from selected games in a games list. In a games list, select games with Ctrl-mouseclick after bringing them in the desired order by drag & drop. Right-click -> Output -> Selection to Textfile leads you to a dialog box querying the desired format. For your word processor, RTF is a good choice.


Publishing games on the Web

It is possible to publish one or more games on the Web. This is also possible using Facebook's "Share link". Board Window - File - Publish to Web


E-Mailing games

In a games list, right-click -> Output -> E-Mail selected games backups the selected games into a single file for attachment to an e-mail. If you have a registered e-mail client like Outlook, this will be automatically started with an appropriate e-mail form.