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Annotating games

Annotating games

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Annotating games

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There are many different forms of annotation:





DO-IT   Variations – alternative continuations that can be replayed on the board.

DO-IT   Text commentary – embedded in the game (e.g. “This is the critical position.”).

DO-IT   Symbol commentary – in the form of special chess symbols inserted before or after a move.

DO-IT   Graphic commentary – in the form of coloured arrows and squares on the chessboard.

DO-IT   Training commentary – with training questions, answers, points, times, help, etc.

DO-IT   Correspondence chess commentary – to automate the management of correspondence chess games.

DO-IT   Critical position – critical openings, middlegame and endgame positions.

DO-IT   Pawn structure and piece path – to highlight the pawn structure or graphically display a piece path.

DO-IT   Medals – a special award for best game, tournament decider, model game, novelty, repertoire, strategy, tactics, etc.


Insert Symbols


The annotation palette is a helpful tool for quick entering of symbol commentary and variations.


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