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Database types

Database types

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Database types

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You can set the database type by right-clicking the icon in the database window and selecting Properties. The type you select determines which icon is associated with it.




You can also set a number of other options for a database in the Properties menu.


DO-IT   Name

The descriptive name under the database icon can be different from the more technical filename.


DO-IT   Training

Makes it a special trainings database where you store lessons, while ChessBase keeps track of the score.


DO-IT   Show protocol

This displays all the databases that were copied into the current one (the "import protocol").


DO-IT   Reset protocol

Clears the import protocol, e.g. before the publication of a database.


DO-IT  Reference database

This makes it a special Reference database which ChessBase consults on all major questions (unless you specify otherwise).


DO-IT   Repertoire database

This is a database in which ChessBase looks after your Repertoire.


DO-IT   Always open text

When the first entry in a database is a text report it is automatically opened when you first start the database. After that you can only open the text manually. You can click this option to make it open every time you start the database.


See also database formats.