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Start Let`s Check

Start Let`s Check

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Start Let`s Check

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Click on the large blue right arrow in the engine window to start Let’s Check.


Click the blue arrow


Alternatively you can start the analysis with the menu Analysis - Let's Check.




Click on „Settings“ to enter login details for the chess server to add your name to your analysis.




To work privately click on "Disconnect". When the connection button is green you are connected with the server.




Whoever saves a variation in Let's Check can have his name added to it. If a variation is replaced by a deeper analysis the name is replaced with that of the other person. Up to three variations are allowed for each position. Whoever is the first to analyse a position sufficiently deeply becomes the positions "Discoverer". His name is always connected to the position, even if other users later add deeper variations.


You win a variation if you replace the second or third variation in the list of three variations. You win a position if you replace the first variation in the list. The first variation is not deleted, it just drops down to the second place.


The creation date of the variation is displayed next to the discoverer’s name.




The value next to the national flag shows how often a variation was confirmed. The higher this number is, the more trustworthy the information is.


The window also displays whether the position is standard openings theory (main), the number of visits and the main variation.




Progress Bar

Deep analyses are very valuable. The progress bar shows roughly how long it will be until the position has been analysed enough for your name to be added to the book.


As soon as the analysis has been accepted this is displayed in the chat window.




Note: Apart from the already known openings theory every position in chess can be "discovered".


There is an honour list for those who have won positions, i.e. who have named positions. A win is more valuable the more often a position was visited and the deeper the previous variation was. It is also possible to use Let's Check anonymously without adding your name.


Discovering a position

More calculation time is needed to "discover" a position than for standard analysis. The green progress bar jumps back slightly when the next step is displayed.


The system has three levels:


1. Fast calculation (black display)


2. Deep calculation (green display)


3. Very deep calculation (Discoverer, only the first)


Deeper calculations can overwrite the variation, but the name of the person who discovered the position remains. The window also shows whether the position is part of common chess theory, the number of visits, the main line and the depth.


More information


The entry “My Line” has to do with the variation that has been discovered (3 half moves) and is currently being displayed in the Let’s Check window. The position’s discoverer is stored separately and has nothing to do with this information.


The evaluation of the analysis is also displayed.