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How should a game be analysed with Let’s Check?

How should a game be analysed with Let’s Check?

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How should a game be analysed with Let’s Check?

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A deep analysis that would normally last over an hour can now be carried out in a few minutes.


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The condition for this is that you have already won enough analysis credits by contributing your own engine. The credits system achieves a balance between giving and taking analysis power. For every position that you analyse while contributing your engine you win 1 credit. If you analyse a complete game you win about 1.3 credits per position. This difference is to benefit the server’s own interests.


As far as the analysis is concerned it is relatively uninteresting that the evaluations come from different engines. On the one hand today’s top programs are so similar that you almost long for a different variation. On the other hand it has no chess value to trust differences of 1/100 pawn values. Engine analyses are subjective because they have been tuned in games of machine against machine. They should only be used as guidelines in non-tactical positions.


How can I access the results of a game I’ve submitted all at once?

In the chat window of the Live Book you can see how many positions have already been analysed. The first results usually arrive after about a minute. As soon as the game is finished select “Let’s Check Analysis” in the Analysis tab and click “Add”.


Board window: Menu Analysis - Let's Check Analysis - Blunders, Combinations, Training.




All the calculated variations will be inserted in the game notation.




Games played by strong grandmasters are usually available fully analysed in the Let's Check database by the next day. All the important tournaments and championships of the past have already been fully analysed.


For instance, look at the Candidates Zurich tournament 1953. Within seconds each game is commented pointing out possible errors and combinations in the style of a human commentary. Only obvious blunders are commented. If tactics are found training questions will be generated automatically.


To do this for several games at once: In the database list select the games you want to examine, then Right Click - Edit - Annotate Blunders and Tactics with Let’s Check.


Several games



This access of variations is very practical after live games broadcast on the chess server have finished. Games being watched by many viewers are usually available immediately after the game with deep analysis.