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Player Encyclopedia online

Player Encyclopedia online

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Player Encyclopedia online

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You can automatically update the player encyclopedia that you have installed. We regularly publish an updated version of the encyclopedia with new players and updated Elo ratings. Depending on your settings the program accesses the encyclopedia on the server and updates the enclyclopedia that you have stored locally.


These settings can be selected in the program's options menu.


Menu File - Options - Encyclopedia:


Set path


Off = No player encyclopedia

This option is useful for slow computers with very little free disk space.


Local = Use the installed player encyclopedia

This option should be used on a computer that has no Internet connection, or a very slow Internet connection.


Server = The program accesses the data on the server and gradually updates the locally stored encyclopedia.


Select Path = Where the local player encyclopedia is stored. If the path is left empty an empty encyclopedia is created which will be filled with data from the server.


Note: If you start with an empty player encyclopedia you will only see the data in the main window that has already been received from the server, i.e. the cache. In case of doubt use the locally installed encyclopedia, because it will automatically be improved by the server data.