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Engine window

Engine window

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Engine window

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Board window: Add default engine (Alt-F2) – Add Kibitzer (Ctrl-L)




The engine window displays the progress and results of the analysis engines.




This is what the engine window displays:


Top line from left to right:

Engine name; the move currently under investigation (number x of y legal move); stop engine; increase (+) or decrease (–) the number of variations calculated simultaneously.


Second line from left to right

Fail high/fail low display; position evaluation in pawns (+ is good for White, – good for Black); search depth (full width/selective); time used on current search; number of positions per second (in thousands).


The first three lines are coloured red because the evaluation for White is dropping. There after the lines are in default black because the evaluation does not drop any longer. The evaluation in the header is always the same as in the one in the last line in the variation window, e.g. the last evaluation found.


Functions in the engine window

Right-clicking the variation window produces a function menu for the analysis engine.


Rightclick Engine window


DO-IT   Engine: Selects an analysis engine.


DO-IT   Lock: Normally the engine follows the board notation. But you can lock it to a specific position, after which it will ignore what happens on the board.
Lock the engine


You can lock the Engine with one single Mouse click.


DO-IT   Increase/Decrease number of lines: You can instruct the engine to calculate the n best lines in the position.


DO-IT   Next best: This is only supported by some engines (e.g. Fritz). The engine ignores the best move found so far and uses its full power to search for an alternative (the next best move).


DO-IT   Threat: Calculates the "threat" in the current position.


DO-IT   Clip analysis: Copies the entire analysis history into the Windows clipboard. It can be pasted into any text editor.


DO-IT   Copy to notation: Copies the best line found so far into the game notation (Ctrl-Space).


DO-IT   Scroll main line: New lines are added to the end of the list. If this is switched off, new lines overwrite the previous ones.


DO-IT   Extra search information: Records evaluation, search depth and number of positions after each main line.


DO-IT   Scroll new moves only: New lines are recorded only if the first move changes.


DO-IT   Variation board: Produces on a small board on which you can replay the main line.


DO-IT   Choose font: Select font and size for the the analysis display.


DO-IT   Properties: Allows you to set the engine parameters.


DO-IT   Close: Closes the window and shuts down the engine.