ChessBase 12

Advanced Database Management

Advanced Database Management

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Advanced Database Management

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Database window: Maintenance (or right-click, Tools).




DO-IT   Backup Database (Ctrl-Z)

This creates a backup or archive copy of a database in a single compressed file.


DO-IT   Remove Deleted Games

Games marked for deletion are permanently remove from the database


DO-IT   Check Integrity

This conducts an integrity test on a database to identify and correct errors.


DO-IT   Find double games

Identifies doubles and marks them for deletion.


DO-IT   Sort database

Sort the games of a database according on year and tournament only and fixes this sort order. You have the choice between ascending or descending. This function is maintained from the CB 8 program because some users do not like to see that some functions are disappeared.


DO-IT   Unannotate DB

Removes all commentary and variations from a database.


DO-IT   Cannibalize

Extracts all games from the selected database which are not already contained in your reference database. When you execute this function you will be prompted to create a new database in which the cannibalised games are stored. There you can examine them and copy the ones you consider interesting into your reference database.


DO-IT   Improve

Automatically completes tournament data like category and number of rounds if they are missing.


DO-IT   Rename files

This renames all the files belonging to the database, including multimedia directories.


DO-IT   Create/delete search booster

The search booster increases the speed of game retrieval by a factor of up to 100.