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Setting the notation

Setting the notation

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Setting the notation

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Menu: Tools – Options – Notation


Options Set options


Notation settings


Here you can set the game notation.


DO-IT  d4

Short algebraic notation.


DO-IT   d2-d4

Long algebraic notation.


DO-IT   P-Q4

Anglo-American descriptive notation, which is to be found in old chess books.



Notation with piece letters. You can type in other letters.


DO-IT   Figurines

Notation with figurines.


DO-IT   . x +

You can choose to include or not to include capture or check signs (x, +) and the period after the move number. If you choose the underline character (“_”) instead of the period, ChessBase will insert a period and a blank after the move number (45. Kg3), which is preferred for some typesetting purposes.


DO-IT   Justify

The notation is right justified, with blanks inserted for this purpose.


DO-IT   Paragraphs

For each main line a new paragraph is used. If you switch this off the entire notation, commentary and all, is given as running text.


DO-IT   Alternative Format

A different style of variation numbering and indentation which you might have got used to in version six of the program.


DO-IT   Material

Should the “material balance” be normally displayed below the notation? You can switch this display on or off by right-clicking the notation window.


DO-IT   Beep at end of variation

If you are using the cursor right key to replay a game you will hear a beep when you reach the end of the variation, and the replay will stop. This prevents you from suddenly jumping from a very complex line back into the main line of the game. If this is not a problem you can switch off the beep and the cursor will simply move into the next line.


DO-IT   Text color

Select a colour for the text commentary.


DO-IT   Variation color

Select a colour for variations (second level or deeper).


DO-IT   Font

Select font type and size for the main notation. The fonts for table and training notation can be set separately by right-clicking in the corresponding notation windows.