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The chess playing part of this program is separate from, and independent of the graphical interface. The playing part is called the "chess engine". The engine can be changed (Menu Tools – Engine), and the interface can support more than one engine at a time.


You can stage engine matches and engine tournaments.




ChessBase regularly publishes new engines, keeping you completely up-to-date with the strongest chess playing software in the world.

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Other current top engines (November 2015)


Generate/do-it.gif   Deep Fritz 14

A 32/ 64 Bit version that supports multiprocessor systems.



Generate/do-it.gif   Komodo

a strong chess program with ratings well above Elo 3000. Komodo is especially useful for opening analysis, because its grandmaster programmer has made sure that the program's evaluations generally agree with accepted theory. Komodo also excels in the evaluation of positions with material imbalance, which it handles more intelligently than other top engines. The endgame of Komodo has been improved by the use of Syzygy tablebases*, which employ only the most essential information, to save computing time and memory. Another unique feature of Komodo is its superior performance when using eight or more cores.



Generate/do-it.gif   Houdini

Houdini also offers all the virtues and elements that made its predecessor the most popular analysis program in the chess world, but now also uses extremely precise evaluation functions that directly correlate with the engine’s expectations of winning a particular position. As well as this, the improved “tactics mode” now makes Houdini the best tactical puzzle solver ever.


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