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Game analysis with Let's Check

Game analysis with Let's Check

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Game analysis with Let's Check

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Let's Check can quickly comment a game with engine variations. If all the positions are already known the full analysis only lasts a few seconds. Blunders are marked with question marks, the best known moves are marked with exclamation marks.


There are four types of analysis:


Game analysis


1. Blunders, Combinations, Training checks within seconds each game is commented pointing out possible errors and combinations in the style of a human commentary. Only obvious blunders are commented. If tactics are found training questions will be generated automatically.


2. "Retrieval Only" just fetches known variations from the server and does not make any calculations.


3. "Standard Analysis" analyses until the minimum depth is reached to enter a person's name. If a variation with this depth already exists no calculations are made.


4. "Win variations" calculates until at least one variation has been won.




The minimum and maximum calculation time per move limit the calculation time.




1. After an important live game deep analyses are probably already available for the whole game.


2. If you analyse famous historical games using "Win variations" with a large minimum time it is possible that you will "discover" new positions.