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"Let’s check" is a new analysis function which will revolutionise the chess world for years to come.


Engine analysis has changed chess forever. This is so obvious that many aspects are now taken for granted. For instance, a slow engine on an old notebook does not always tell the truth, and yet people only wait a few seconds before uncritically making the recommended move. Popular positions are analysed by thousands of players over and over again. This means an immense amount of time and electrical enetgy, both of which are finite ressources.


The program offers help. Every position that has been analysed by anyone at any time is voluntarily saved on a server. The possible engine variations are then available to everyone who looks at this position. We call this system „Let’s Check“ because detailed analysis can be gained immediately without investing any time.


Whoever analyses a variation deeper than his predecessor overwrites his analysis. This means that the Let’s Check information becomes more precise as time passes. The system depends on cooperation. No one has to publish his secret openings preparation. But in the case of current and historic games it is worth sharing your analysis with others, since it costs not one click of extra work. Using this function all of the program's users can build an enormous knowledge database. Whatever position you are analysing the program can send your analysis on request to the "Let’s check" Server. The best analyses are then accepted into the chess knowledge database. This new chess knowledge database offers the user fast access to the analysis and evaluations of other strong chess programs, and it is also possible to compare your own analysis with it directly. In the case of live broadcasts on hundreds of computers will be following world class games in parallel and adding their deep analyses to the "Let's Check" database. This function will become an irreplaceable tool for openings analysis in the future.


Board window with Let`s Check


When you store a variation in Let’s Check you can add your name to it. If your analysis is later replaced by a deeper evaluation his name is then put in your place. Three variations are possible for every position. Whoever analyses a position deeply for the first time becomes the „discoverer“, and his name is connected with the position forever, even if other users make a deeper analysis. Apart from common theory every position in chess can be „discovered“.


There is an honours list for those who have won or discovered variations. Winning a variation is more valuable depending on how often it is visited and how deep the previous variation was. It is also possible to use Let’s Check anonymously without entering your name.


Whether you are a beginner, a club player or a grandmaster. With the help of "Let's Check" every chess player can contribute to this database. Especially valuable: whoever analyses a position for the very first time wins the position for himself and his analysis is connected with his own name for the chess world. Who has won the most positions? With the help of deeper analyses you can win positions from other players and enter the honours list of "Let's Check". (All chess engines are allowed as analysis programs, whether single or multi processor versions).


With Let's Check every chess player has access to the current openings theory and the evaluations of the strongest chess engines. The program presents the complete openings theory as a statistics tree. The "LiveBook" shows for every position not only the complete statistics based on the weekly updated Chessbase Online Database (currently over five million games) but also how often a particular continuation was examined in the "Let's Check" database.


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