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Database path

Database path

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Database path

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The database path for ChessBase is the place where it will automatically install or create new databases. Also your games played on the chess server are store here.


The default database directory is My Documents\ChessBase. This is consistent with the Windows standard and should not be changed.


DO-IT    My documents\ChessBase\Bases

This is where your Mega Database and all other large databases will be installed.


DO-IT    My documents\ChessBase\Books

This is for the openings books.


DO-IT    My documents\ChessBase\CompBase

Here you will find the databases that our chess playing programs generate, e.g. for engine matches and when they automatically save games.


DO-IT    My documents\ChessBase\Internet

For games automatically downloaded from the Internet.


DO-IT    My documents\ChessBase\Repertoire

For repertoire databases


DO-IT    My documents\ChessBase\NoGames

All ChessBase-generated files which are not game databases.


If you play on the chess server, the database path will contain the databases



    Games you played.


    Games you watched.


   Games of tournaments you organized on the server.


    Games you played in the machine room.