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Correspondence header

Correspondence header

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Correspondence header

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Board window: Insert – Annotations – Special annotation – Correspondence chess header (Ctrl-Alt-W)


Time control

    Start: the day on which the tournament begins. The date is important for the time controls, since all moves played before this date do not use up any of the allotted time.


    Time control 1 up to move... In recent time it has become normal to accelerate the game after a given number of moves. Enter this number here if that is the case in your game.


    Time control 1: Specify how many moves must be played in how many days during the first period. 10 moves in 30 days is the most common time control in correspondence chess.


    Time control 2: Specify how many days there are in the second period. The rate of play is the same as the first period.


    Colour: Specify which colour you have in the game.


Game info

    This just gives you information on the current status of the game: time used, time left, average postal time for each side, days left until the next time control, etc.



    Maximum days: In correspondence chess by E-mail or fax the maximum remaining days are restricted. After every time control all the left-over days are cancelled.


    Use time: There is a special rule which specifies that any move that arrives within 24 hours has used zero days. This can lead to a problem. If a move is received at 23:59 hours the time spent until 23:28 hours on the next day is zero, until 23:59 it is one day and until 00:00 it is two days. This is not a programming bug, it is required by the rules.


    Use stamp: If you use time and are playing an E-mail game you can deactivate the time stamp in the dialog of the correspondence chess move.


    ICCF: The ICCF (International Correspondence Chess Federation) demands a special format for the email, which looks like a table. When you activate this box, this format is generated.


    Append PGN: The game is attached to the email in PGN format.


    Attach Diagram: A diagram in the JPG format is attached to the email.


    Subject: The text in this entry will be copied to the subject line in the email program. You can use this to easily manage your emails when you play more correspondence games simultaneously.



    Standard notation: Normally people tend to use the numeric correspondence chess notation. Here you can switch to standard algebraic.



    Type in your own address and the address of your opponent. Include the E-mail addresses if you are playing by E-mail. This will be used by your E-mail client when you send a move.



    Enter the vacation periods for both sides. This information is taken into consideration in the calculation of the time controls. You can add or remove vacation periods. ChessBase sorts the entries, removes overlaps and merges them into one vacation.



Enter your own complimentary close like Yours sincerely, name.