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ICCF Correspondence Chess Server

ICCF Correspondence Chess Server

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ICCF Correspondence Chess Server

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Playing on a correspondence chess server allows games with very long time controls (several days per move). Usually the players only log into the server when they want to make a move.


ChessBase offers an interface to the ICCF correspondence chess server. The International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) ist the world’s correspondence chess organisation, and it organises several international correspondence chess tournaments.


The principle is very simple and uncomplicated. After entering a move the playing time of the opponent is activated. The opponent is informed that a move has been made, and it is also possible to send personal messages.


This is how games are played on the ICCF correspondence chess server with Chessbase:


1.      Menu File - Open - ICCF-Games




This opens the connection with the ICCF server.


2.      Then you have to log on to the server with the username and password that you have been given by ICCF.


3.      After logging in there is a game list containing the games you are currently playing.


4.      Load a game and call the function to make the move.


5.      The program presents a dialog box to input the move


You can use the text field to send personal messages to your opponent.


6.      After clicking on OK the move is sent to the opponent.