ChessBase 12

Install new key

Install new key

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Install new key

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List window: Click Openings, Theme, Strategy, Tactics or Endgame




If there is no key present you will get the above buttons. Click Install big or small key. In the first case you will get a detailed ECO-style key, in the second a small descriptive key. You can also click Select a key to browse for a key that is attached to another database. This will be copied to the current database and all games will be sorted into it. Finally you can install an empty key and start defining classification positions or criteria yourself.



The new key will not contain any entries, you must define all of them yourself.


Install a small key with general classification. For the opening this is a descriptive key.


Install a big key for a large games collection. For the opening this is a giant key based on the ECO classification system and containing around 55,000 classification positions.


Allows you to search for and install a key that is being used with another database.