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Search mask – Position

Search mask – Position

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Search mask – Position

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Search mask, Position.


Search for Positions


This allows you to search for positional fragments, including strategic and tactical manoeuvres based on pawn structures and piece constellations.


There are three definition boards:


The “Look for” board: Here the pieces are set on the squares on which they must be in the positions you are looking for.


The “Or” board: This allows you to define fuzzy positional fragments such as “all positions in which piece x is on square a, b or c”.


The “Exclude” board: With this you can establish which pieces should not be on specific squares in the positions you are looking for.


To put a piece on a square, first select a piece type on the right. A click on the square on the board will put the piece there. Clicking with the right mouse key will insert a piece of the opposite colour. The “joker” symbols on the bottom mean any white and any black man (pieces or pawns).


Exclude Board

On the Exclude board you can place up to four different pieces on a square. To remove any one of them press Crtl and click it. The same also applies to the Or board.


DO-IT   Mirror horizontal/vertical

The “Horizontal mirror” and “Vertical mirror” reflect the board horizontally and vertically. In the above example the horizontal mirror will ensure that games with a black bishop penetration on h2 will also be retrieved.


DO-IT   First, length, last

These options define when and how long the positional fragment should be present during a game. If the positional constellation appears in the game before the “first” or after the “last” move specified than it is ignored. “Length” refers to the minimum number of consecutive ply (half-moves) the pieces must be on the board.


DO-IT   Sacrifice

This specifies if a sacrifice combination must be involved.


DO-IT   Get board

This inserts the position from the last active board window.


Examples of strategic themes


A.Rook on open c-file

Search board:       wRc1.

Exclusion board: White and Black jokers on squares c2-c7

B.White isolated pawn on d4

Search board:       wPd4

Exclusion board: wPc2-c7,e2-e7,d5-d7

C.White passed pawn on e5

Search board:       wPe5

Exclusion board: bPd6,d7,e6,e7,f6,f7